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Sell More While Spending Less

What We Do

Sales Sigma is the Sales Process Engineering Company. We are committed to improving sales productivity and sales efficiency. As we say, “Sell More While Spending Less.” Our focus is on clients who want to improve or establish a sales process. Our processes increase profitability for start-ups and established companies.

Our Concept

When implemented properly, sales is not a guessing game. Sales when done well, is just like every other operational area of your company. It is a planned, standardized, continually improved process. When a company implements sales consistent with their other quality processes, they gain the same outcome. They experience consistent improvents in effectiveness and efficiency. As we commonly say, "Our clients Sell More While Spending Less".

Our Method

For start-ups, we adapted the DMADV Methodology specifically for the sales process. Our Sales Sigma customized approach incorporates tools designed to deliver a quality sales process.

With our established clients, we utilize the DMAIC Methodology. Again, we have fine-tuned tools to improve the sales process.

Our Offering

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Upcoming Events

Our Chief Coaching Officer, Chuck Overbeck, will be speaking at the event. Enjoy the evening and learn how to Sell More While Spending Less.

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