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Sales Process Engineering

There are three challenges faced when establishing or improving a sales process. The first is knowing what needs to be implemented or changed to result in improvement. The second is knowing how the new process is going to be an improvement over other ways of selling. And finally, the challenge of keeping the new process current. Sales Sigma Consulting offers a unique approach to all three of these.

Identifying the Problem

The problem with changing a sales process without identifying the problem or bottleneck is that the changes you make will not result in increased sales. Changing the oil on a car with a flat tire won't get you anywhere. We have to first pinpoint the constraint in the sales process. It's that place where the sales opportunities go in and very few ever come out. Every sales process has one. Sometimes they aren't easy to find.

We have developed a methodology to assist your sales team in identifying its constraint. We work with you to ensure we have identified the root cause of your problems.

Engineer and Improve

Change does not always equal improvement. In fact, sometimes things change for the worse. How can you know the changes you are making to your sales process will yield the results you are looking for before you go through the costly process of changing? You can. By building on your understanding of the root cause, you can identify the needed corrective action.

Sales Sigma Consulting has developed a methodical approach to ensuring changes are improvements. Our methods for improving your process will translate to more sales.

Establish Metrics for Continuous Improvement

A great process today does not ensure a great process tomorrow. In today's dynamic world, sales leaders need to build ways for keeping up with change into their sales process. Great sales teams need to be Tier 4 Sales Organizations. This means even stellar sales teams need to understand why they are successful and under what conditions, because the conditions are going to change and soon.

We help develop the leading indicators that can predict when your market is changing, before it shows up in your sales numbers. We want our customers to know before their competition.

To learn more on how your company can sell more while spending less, contact us or download more information on Sales Sigma Consulting.