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Sales Education

Sales organizations and sales professionals aren't in need of training. They only need to continue with their professsional education. Sales Sigma is about sales education. Our customers aren't trained in sales techniques, they learn to evaluate the sales landscape and make decisions based on understanding. Programmed responses worked in a slower day, but not today.

We offer the following sales education options:

Select from Our List of Courses

Sales Sigma offers the following courses to meet the needs of any sales organization.

  • Selling More While Spending Less - Understanding your customer and streamlining your selling to develop engaged customers. (4 hrs)
  • Identifying and Removing Bottlenecks from Your Sales Process - Learn how to identify what is holding you back, change it, and ensure it never happens again. (4hrs)
  • Using Change for a Competitive Advantage - Learn to react to change more quickly than your competition to give your team a competitive advantage. (4 hrs)
  • Selling to Lean and Six Sigma Customers - Gain an understanding of the principles and tools of Six Sigma and Lean so you can talk to your customers in their language. (4 hrs)
  • Metrics for Coaching - How to establish metrics that enhance your coaching efforts. (4 hrs)
  • Getting the Most Out of New Technologies - Learn to integrate new sales technologies to maximize their impact. (4hrs)
  • Sales and Marketing 101 - Learn to integrate your sales and marketing efforts through planning, analysis, and data. Offered in conjunction with our education partner Serfwerks. (2 days)

Education Tailored to Your Unique Needs

True to our spirit of customer service, we are happy to tailor any of the above courses to your company's unique needs. Our goal is to assist your team in growing sales. Let us know your needs and requirements and we will do the rest.


If you want more than an education, attend or schedule a Sales Sigma workshops. In workshops, attendees learn the principles of Sales Sigma while actually working on improving their sales process.

Contact us to schedule a workshop with your sales team. We are happy to tailor it to your needs and schedule.

To learn more on how your company can sell more while spending less, contact us or download more information on Sales Sigma Consulting.