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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Sales Sigma Consulting help our sales team sell more?

Success in selling comes from differentiation. This is true for your product and your sales approach. Your sales team has to do the basics correctly; listening, taking a consultative approach, and doing their research. The fact is, once they have done those things, they are only on par with everyone else. So, what makes your sales team different from your competition? Our answer is a data driven, customized sales process and not a canned one-size-fits-all approach. We help you look at customer data to develop a customer friendly approach that is both effective and efficient.

Shouldn't our sales team just be focused on closing deals?

Too often companies are only looking for ways to sell more of its products or services. In reality, a sales team should continually evaluate its performance in terms of both effectivenss and efficiency. In other words, how many dollars of revenue does our sales organization generate vs. how much did it cost them to generate that revenue? Here is an example:

There are two sales teams. Team A sells $2MM of product and the total cost for the sales team is $450k. Team B sells $1.9MM in revenue while only costing the company $250k to do so. Now which team is better? The return per dollar spend on Team A is $4.44 and for Team B is $7.60.

We could reasonably argue it is Team A because they sold more and therefore were more effective. We could also argue it was Team B because they were more efficient. The truth is a combination of both. We want a sales team that is effective and efficient. We aren't going to get it without analyzing a sales process for improvements to both. Selling techniques and tools are great, but they only look at effectiveness. To be world-class demands we take a complete approach.

How does Sales Sigma Consulting improve a sales process?

How can Sales Sigma Consulting help our sales team?

Sales Sigma Consulting offers several services to help companies improve their sales process. They include:

  • Consulting services - We work with your company's sales team to better understand your customers' needs to improve the effectiveness and efficience of the sales process. Services are available as programs and hourly consultation.
  • Sales process improvment training - Your company can select from our menu of sales process training modules or we design one to meet your company's specific needs.
  • Sales training offered through our Mountainland Applied Technology College - These classes are designed to give business of all sizes an opportunity to learn how to improve a sales process.
  • Sales and Marketing training seminar - This is a six session seminar series offered in conjunction with Serfwerks. These training seminars have been developed to help companies develop or improve their sales and marketing plan.
  • Compiling and analyze information on customer satisfaction. We do this through: surveys (online and phone), focus groups, interviews, and market research.
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The Sales Sigma methodology is very interesting. Where can I learn more about the principles behind it?

A big part of what we do at Sales Sigma Consulting is education. That is why a large portion of our website is committed to it. We want your company to succeed so we offer:

Or you can contact us now for more information on sales process improvement.

Six Sigma and Lean are tools for improvements manufacturing. The sales process is different. How can these tools work for sales?

The reality is these tools are not manufacturing improvement tools. Six Sigma and Lean are quality and process improvement initiatives respectively. Because both systems use the customerís definition of value as the starting point, they share a lot of synergy. Since success in sales is a result of delivering customer value, both processes have utility in sales and marketing.

Because every situation is unique, I tailor my approach to the customer. How will a process help me?

Anything we do repeatedly is a process. Some processes are just not standardized. Therefore, the question is, "Why standardize my process?" As anyone in process improvement will tell you, the first step to improvement is standardization. You cannot improve a system that is not standard. We use standardization to make a process better.

How can you standardize a process when every customer and situation is unique?

While every customer is unique and situations vary, there is commonality. Customer needs, behaviors, personalities, challenges, etc. differ, but they fall along a continuum. If we look at each of these, we find somewhere in the distribution the prevalence is greater and the further we move from that point, occurrences decrease. We know this because stable populations tend to fall within a normal distribution. We standardize the process based on the central tendency of the population. In effect giving us a standardized process for up to 95% of the population.

What is the Sales Sigma Sales Method?

There isnít one. Sales Sigma is about improving your method. We do not tell you how to sell. We work with your organization in a structured manor in order to establish or improve your sales process. Our methodology is structured around the proven principles of Lean and Six Sigma.

Why do I hear so much about Six Sigma and Lean in operational departments, yet almost nothing about it for sales?

Sales organizations have been the late arriver to the standardization and quality world. As a result, the sales community is rapidly trying to catch up. The result of this is a short list of available success stories, unlike we see in manufacturing. With the use of Sales Sigma, however, expect to see success stories multiply quickly.

What do you mean by taking the guess work out of selling?

Many companies take a trial and error approach to selling. This can be very expensive from both an implementation and opportunity cost perspective. Sales Sigma Consulting eliminates this. We teach our customers how to make decisions based on the data and not opinion. Our fact-based approach follows a simple methodology: (1) understand the situation, (2) act based on what is known, and (3) sustain the changes that will bring about improvement. By implementing the Sales Sigma process, our customer are assured the changes they make will be improvement.

Do I have to be a math whiz to understand Sales Sigma?

No, it isn't necessary you remember everything from your college Probability and Statistics classes. In fact, you don't have to remeber any of it. What is important is that Sales Sigma Consulting has already done that for you. Your company can have the advantage of fact-based decision making and not have to go back and crack the books. Contact us to find out how it works.

Are there tools available to sales management teams that assist with the Sales Sigma process?

Sales Sigma is not a shrink-wrapped solution. The path you take will be unique to your organization. In addition to Sales Sigma, we suggest companies utilize a CRM to capture opportunity information which can be used in continuous improvement.

We have Six Sigma Black Belts and Green Belts in our organization, what more can Sales Sigma Consulting offer?

In addition to formal Six Sigma, Lean, and Lean Sigma Training; Sales Sigma Consulting brings years of experience in sales and sales management. We utilize these improvement processes in a way that addresses the unique nature of sales.

If I have a specific question regarding Sales Sigma, how can I it answered?

E-mail us at, contact us using our online form, or call us at 760.814.1659.

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