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What We Do

Sales Sigma guides our clients through the development, implementation, control, and measurements of their sales processes. Many sales consulting companies can help you implement aspects of your sales process, but they miss out on the full picture. Your sales process needs to be customized to your company, your product or service, your customer, and your market. We can help you meet your long-term sales goals.

The 7 Essentials of a Successful Sale Plan

Effective and efficient sales organizations know consistently reaching sales goals is not a matter of luck. It requires analysis, planning, and disciplined execution. Teams who repeatedly exceed expects understand their plan needs to include:

  1. Value proposition - What do you do and why should it matter to your prospect?
  2. Identify customers - What subset of the Total Available Market (TAM) are actually prospects? How will you know them?
  3. Message - What will you tell each buying influence to gain their interest?
  4. Established process - What steps do you need to accomplish to get a sale to close?
  5. Measures - If you are going to improve over time, you need to measure throughout the sales process. The goal is to identify and remove bottlenecks.
  6. Improve - Take steps to remove bottlenecks.
  7. Control - Ensure process is followed.

The last three requirements keep your sales team aligned with changes in the market place. We refer to teams that incorporate continous improvement as "Dynamic Sales Teams".

Sales Consulting and Educating for the Dynamic Sales Team

Even if your sales team is exceeding expectations today, how will you know what tomorrow holds? The time to make improvements is before sales starts to decline. We take an approach that is focused on continuous improvement. It doesn’t matter if your sales team is overachieving or struggling, our methodology will help your team become more effective and efficient.

Sales Sigma Consulting offers:

  • Sales process consulting services - Increase your team's sales while spending less money and time. [Learn more]
  • Sales education - Instruction for sales representative and sales leaders on how to grow sales efficiently. [Learn more]
  • Technology integration assistance - Get the most out of your new sales tools by integrating them into your improved sales process.[Learn more]

To learn more on how your company can sell more while spending less, contact us or download more information on Sales Sigma Consulting.