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The "Sell More While Spending Less" Company

Sales Sigma Consulting began as a solution to the gap between existing sales processes and the need to stay aligned with changing customer requirements. While the most effective sales organizations have established standardized sales methods, very few have a process to ensure it stays aligned with customer needs.

Sales Sigma Consulting uses the proven techniques of Six Sigma and Lean to provide the foundation for continuous improvement. While these “customer focused” initiatives have been used successfully in manufacturing for years, the unique nature of sales makes it better positioned to reap the benefits.

Sales Sigma is a methodology that makes any sales process more effective (effective = sell more) and more efficient (efficient = spending less). It isn't enough to just sell more in today's marketplace. Sales professionals need to deliver customer value while keeping the cost of selling down.

Sales Process Engineering

Our methodology is the result of over a quarter of a century's sales experience; time spent selling and time spent observing and coaching sales professionals. Combined this with an understanding of the tools and principles of Lean Six Sigma and you have the first process improvement initiative for sales, Sales Sigma. While there may be other companies who understand quality and process improvement, without having carried the sales bag and knocked on door, they lack the understanding and experience needed to help you succeed. Sales Sigma brings it all together: familiarity, credibility, and know-how. That's why we are The Sales Process Engineering Company.


Sales Sigma Consulting was founded by Chuck Overbeck. Chuck has over 25 years experience in sales, sales management, and business development. During that time he has worked for Fortune 100 and Fortune's Fastest Growing Companies, and Start-ups. He has successfully built sales teams, developed and implemented sales training programs, and has been involved in numerous product launches.

He has made a career of delivering results and constantly looking for ways to improve the sales process. His ability to teach these principles has made those he mentored more successful in sales and in their careers.

As Chief Coaching Officer, Chuck shares the knowledge that allowed him to grow sales by greater than 400x in 18 months. This process is and reproducable.

Chuck is the author the chapter on sales in the book Driving Operational Excellence.

Chuck is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. He is a former Infantry Company Commander and trained leader. He received his Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Sigma education from Villanova University. He also received training in LeanSigma principles from TBM Consulting.

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