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Technology Integration

Keeping up with all the new sales technologies is becoming a full-time job. Incorporating them into a sales process can be another. While ease of use is a feature of many of these software solutions, ease of getting them used isn't. Without changing a sales process to incorporate a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) or similar application, behavior will not change. Benefits will not be recognized. Sales Force Automation (SFA) requires implementation beyond the software. The system has to change and your process and sales people are part of the system.

Know Where You Are Going

When looking for technology solutions, don't plan for today. Determine where you want to go then select the enabling technology that best meets those needs. Without a long-term, continuous improvement perspective, the tools you choose will be short-lived. Sales Sigma can help you determine what you need to take you where you are going.

Getting the Most Out of Enabling Technologies

Maximize the impact of technology by making it part of the sales system. Your software should support your sales process. It should allow for the tracking of critical sales metrics. Most of all, it should make selling easier for the sales people. We can help you accomplish all of these objectives, whether it's with a new or existing CRM.

Change Management

The reason most companies fail to see the full benefit of their CRM is sales people fail to use it as it was intended. For change to take hold, it has to be managed; that means prior planning. Without developing a change management plan, results will not live up to expectations. Sales Sigma can help your sales team through the steps of successful change management.

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