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Any activity that takes an input and changes it to produce an output, is by definition, a process. In sales we take leads and make them into customers. By definition, sales is a process.

Sales is a unique process. While all business processes are based on customer needs, only in sales is an external customer an active participant in the process. Consequently, process and quality improvement methodologies need to be worked with extensive experience in selling. The tools are the same, but application can vary.

Sales Leadership

When we use the word leadership, we mean leadership. We are not referring to management. There a lot of sales managers, but few leaders. But, that isn't the fault of the managers. Senior leadership needs to provide the tools that allow their managers to become leaders.

The Sales Sigma methodology is about accountability. Inherent in leadership is that leaders give their people the tools to succeed. Managers manage struggling sales people out. 

Leaders own failure and give credit for success.

Sales Process Improvement

The Sales Sigma™ methodology utilizes proven Lean Six Sigma principles. We have customized and developed tools aimed at improving or establishing a measurable sales process. Our system works because it is based on a disciplined approach that eliminates guesswork. If your sales process is weak, everything you build upon it will be too. 

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