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The are more companies in the world that would like to Sell More While Spending Less™. It isn't unreasonable to say, "Who wouldn't want their sales organization to do that?" We haven't come across many companies looking to maintain their current revenue and not reduce the cost of acquiring new customers.

While everyone can use our process, not everyone is an opportunity. That's good. We can't fulfill every company's needs. For this reason, at Sales Sigma we have defined our ideal customer so as to quickly rule in or out every new opportunity. By focusing the best prospects, we reduce our cost (time and money) of sales for every new client.


Our target market consists of startups, established companies that are having difficulty meeting revenue expectations, and funding groups

Our Customer Profile

A key principle of the Sales Sigma™ Process is the elimination of waste. In sales that equates to not wasting time on prospects who will never buy or if they do will not be satisfied.

Identifying your ideal customers begins with determining who your customers really are. We assist our clients in determining who their best customers are. 

We practice what we preach. Our methodology and experience has helped us determine our best prospects. Those prospects who meet this profile are those we seek to have as clients.

If you don't have a well defined customer profile like the one above and would work well with Sales Sigma, please contact us for more information.

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