CRM Integration

Use Your CRM For Continous Improvement

There are two things your business can count on. First, you can be better at what you do. Second, things are going to change. As a result, your sales process needs to be dynamic.

A great sales process doesn't change, it improves. To improve, your team needs the data that will lead to improvement.

Too often, sales consultants assist companies in making changes. Frequently, it is only change and not improvement. It makes no sense to change a process that does not address the system's bottleneck. The key to improvement is identifying the constraint.

Your company's CRM is an important tool for identifying the choke point in your sales process. Companies with a well defined sales process and well thought out leading indicators can customize their CRM to provide the information needed to identify and address the bottleneck.

Sales Sigma Consulting has experience modifying many commonly used CRM's to reflect the Engineered Sales Process.

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