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A great sales team is just that, a great team. The skillset needed to build a best-in-class sales team are not the same skills one develops as individual contributor. In fact, they are often diametrically opposed; individual performance vs. group performance, following vs. leadership, compensation plan vs. company goals, this year vs. the future, sales vs. people.

Building a winning sales team is a process that establishes a winning culture. A winning culture has two inputs, an established sales process and accountability. 

When building a winning culture start with defining the sales process. The most effective sales processes are built upon a knowledge of the customer (voice of the customer and quality function deployment), the current system measures (baseline), best practices (benchmark), and a basic education in process improvement.

From an established sales process, the standards are derived. Standards are established for one purpose, make every team member successful. Standards are form the foundation for all coaching.

The second input is accountability. Holding individuals accountable is a leadership function. We too often hear the objection equating leading sales reps to herding cats. This isn't a leadership problem, it is a leadership issue.

The Sales Sigma™ methodology is effective in driving sales improvement because  it addresses both of these inputs, Sales Process and Sales Leadership.

The Sales Sigma methodology forms the foundation of a winning sales team. Contact us to learn more and improve your team's performance.

Sell More While Spending Less.


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