risk management is sales

Investor Resources

Our investment partners look to Sales Sigma Consulting to help them  mitigate risk with their investments. We do this in two ways. Before they invest, we assist our partners in better quantifying realistic sales expectations and identify what will be required to hit growth goals. After they invest, our partners look to us to help reduce risk. 

Our offering includes:

Opportunity Assessment

Many early stage companies are unable to identify who their customers are and what it will take to acquire market share. Too often startups will assume their available market is the same as the TAM. This is never the case. Our data driven approach to selling assists in setting realistic expectations.

Secondly, through Sales Process Engineering we can set realistic milestones and goals for establishing a sales organization, meeting revenue expectations and delivering the customer experience (CX) needed for long-term success.

Risk Mitigation

After funding, we can help reduce risks through our disciplined approach to building a sales team. We can do this through Contracted Sales Leadership, Sales Consulting Services, and Sales Process Engineering.

For more information on how the Sales Sigma™ methodology can you maximize your investment, contact us either online or give us a call.