Changes ≠ Improvement

When I hear people speak of change, what they are typically referring to is improvement. What they don't realize is change ≠ improvement. Improvement is a subset of change and a smaller subset than you might think.

When I hear people speak of change, I laugh to myself. It reminds me of the lines from the song Damn it Janet in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

There's three ways that love can grow.
That's good, bad, or mediocre.

Well, there are three ways that change can go; good, bad, and mediocre. For that reason, change and improvement are not synonyms. Change does not always lead to improvement. In fact, often it doesn't and sometimes it makes matters worse.

The difference doesn't end with outcomes. It goes beyond that. Improvement is deliberate. The Six Sigma DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) process is an excellent example of this. DMAIC works really well in sales and it would be helpful to any sales leader to learn about it.

Sales organizations committed to increasing revenue and expanding margin understand the importance of a well thought out approach. Leaders don't hope, they don't rely on luck, and they don't change things. People resist change and rightly so. What people want is improvement. People have learned leaders who speak of change don't know what they are doing and often mess things up.

So, why the focus on change and not on improvement. Change is easy, it involves mindlessly doing something differently. Improvement on the other hand is difficult. It requires thought, education, understanding, and hard work. But, it is worth it. Improve your sales process and improve the financial performance of your sales organization.

The Sales Sigma methodology isn't change, it is sales improvement. Start Selling More While Spending Less.

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