Good Habits Are Born of Process and Accountability

What makes an organization successful? The same things that make an individual a success, good habits. It's doing things the right way repeatedly over time. For the individual, it comes down to holding oneself accountable to the best demonstrated practices. In the organization, it also includes holding others accountable. This is how good habits are formed. Within a company, a team, or a group, we call collective good habits culture.

While establishing a culture of success requires a lot of work, it isn't difficult to figure out how to get there. We develop a winning team with two inputs, process and accountability.

A process gives us the standards by which we conduct our work and accountability the discipline to see it through. When we look at struggling sales teams, we see one or both of these inputs lacking from the organization. The often state rule of process improvement is, The first step in improving a process is to standardize it. The obvious second step is to follow it.

The world is changing too rapidly to expect that guessing will lead to needed improvement. Consequently, a sales professional in the 21st Century can no longer be a Lone Ranger. Sales leaders cannot accept this behavior. To be competitive, sales leaders need to establish standards and a way of operating that holds everyone accountable. Leaders need to have measures in place to allow them to successful coach and adapt.

Winning over the long haul requires more planning and commitment than a pickup game of basketball. If your sales team is struggling, start with process and accountability. That is what Sales Process Engineering is all about.

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