Sales Sigma is Green Selling

If you know about Sales Sigma Consulting, you already know about our commitment to the Triple Bottom Line (People-Planet-Profits). But, have you ever thought about the negative environmental impact of an inefficient sales process?

Because we are a Southern California based company, I often see how many cars are out on the road. I sometimes wonder how many are sales reps on their way to an ineffective sales call? How many are going to make sales calls that don't move the sales process forward? Are they spending hours on the road to be a prospect's unofficial coffee break?

Based on what I have seen in years of traveling with hundreds of sales reps on thousands of sales calls, the answer is far too many. Without definitive guidance from sales leaders, this situation does not improve. The solution does not result from a discussion of tips and tricks. A solid well thought out sales process forms the backbone of effective coaching.

When sales representatives have a clear road map to success, they aren't just active, they are productive. This is because:

  1. They waste less time on activities and prospects that will never produce results.

  2. They understand what needs to be accomplished (prospect action).

  3. They know what needs to be done for the prospect to move forward with the purchase.

It is easy to see how these three thing will help a sales team be more effective. What is also relevant is that it makes the organization more efficient. More efficient selling results in lower cost to the company and a healthier environment for everyone. Travel only when and where you can drive results should be the mantra of every responsible company.

That is why at Sales Sigma Consulting we help companies sell more while spending less.

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