Work Hard and Smart

I hear people say, "Work smart, not hard."

I don't know what these people do, but it isn't sales. In my 25 plus years in sales, I have learned the correct word isn't not. It's and.

I was given great hiring advice many years ago. At the time, I was a sales manager who was in the process of building a new sales team. I had many positions that needed to be filled. One of our sales directors gave me the following advice.

There are three things I look for when hiring a new sales rep. The first is intelligence. If the candidate isn't, there is nothing we can do to make them successful. The next is hard working. If he isn't, he will never do what he needs to do to be a success. Finally, is he coach-able? If not, he won't learn and follow the process that will make him successful.

Work smart, work hard, and work the process; these are the keys to a sales rep's success.

This formula for sales success is an all-or-nothing principle. That is because they are all interrelated. Someone who isn't smart enough to understand the value of the process won't follow the sales process. Likewise, someone who is not hard working won't work the process with the commitment needed to win.

Success in sales does not come from working 9-to-5. It is not achieved without forethought. Selling is a work hard and smart profession. For those who do not work hard and smart, it is only an occupation.

Hire intelligent, hard working, and coach-able people and you can build a winning sales team. A sales organization that sells more while spending less.

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