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Sales performance is more than just closing new business. It involves growing market share, increasing sales revenue, expanding gross profit, shortening sales cycles, all while driving customer values. The result of a Quality Sales Process is a delighted customer. 


A World Class Sales Organization isn't just engineered to sell more. It is built to grow. Without designing a sales process that makes it easy to on board new sales reps, the company unknowingly builds in its own upper limits.  Every sales organization needs to engineer its plan for growth. 


Most sales organizations compete on their ability to deliver  customized solutions. A sales organization therefore needs to maintain its ability to work with customers on their terms. The best way to adapt, is to plan for it and provide it before it is requested. 


Compliance comes down to two factors, sound process design and effective leadership. What it results in is consistent and predictable results. Moreover, it is the foundation of continued sales growth. It aids in identifying bottlenecks, improving market knowledge, and sound coaching. Sales process compliance aids every member of the team. 


Improvement shouldn't just be continuous, it needs to be constant. We live in a dynamic world and it waits for no sales organization. The best sales processes have built in leading indicators to identify problem areas early. Lagging measures might have worked in the 20th Century, but not today. 


Waste, or as the Lean gurus call it muda, has two measures in sales. They are time and money. It is the goal of every member of the sales organization to reduce the amount of both used to generate revenue. It comes down to the leadership team to identify non-value add behavior and reduce or eliminate it. 

Success for any team comes as the result of understanding, planning, and leadership. Winning sales teams are the same. 

The Sales Sigma™ methodology is focused on engineering successful sales teams. There are great sales consulting companies out there who are focused on selling techniques. That is not us. Our niche is the organization, the system and the leadership.

With proven quality and process improvement methodologies coupled with the principles taught at the world's best leadership school, Sales Sigma Consulting teaches the framework for building a sales organization that exceeds expectations year-after-year.

A World Class Sales Organization has a sales process designed for:

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