Sales Process Engineering

"Do the Math."

We have all heard the common saying, "Do the math." A sentence telling us to come to a conclusion based on relevant facts and figures. That's what Sales Process Engineering is. Moreover, Sales Process Engineering is the foundation of the Sales Sigma methodology.


Our approach is based on proven quality and improvement principles. We have also developed tools specifically designed for helping a sales organization drive continuous improvement.


Without a leadership team who is prepared to implement the improvements, the greatest sales process will still come up short. There is a saying in the Army, "What gets inspected gets done." Without standards, a sales organisation has no effective way to inspect. Without a solid sales process, there is no way to develop meaningful standards. Standards without a process are arbitrary and will be ignored because there is no perceived value.

Unfortunately, most companies end up with a sales process that just happened, if they have a process at all. It doesn't need to be that way. A professional sales team can drive towards building the optimal system. The missing piece in the majority of sales organizations is a knowledge of process improvement methodologies. This is where we come in. We guide our clients through the steps that will give them an improved sales process and the measures that allow for continuous improvement.

For companies struggling to achieve their sales goals or startups that need a process, the Sales Sigma methodology is the answer.

The result of our methodology is an improvement in effectiveness (sell more) and efficiency (while spending less). 

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