Sales Leadership

Business Development for Startups

The first thing you need to do when starting a business is sell. People start businesses to make a profit, not revenue. Why even develop and build a product or service without knowing how to sell it?

Tragically, too many startups don't think about commercialization until they have their product or service ready to sell. The truth is, you need to sell your product before you have a product. A startup company needs to start selling on day 1.


The good news is, this does not mean the startup needs to hire a sales team early, but they do need to start planning early. Sales Sigma Consulting assist young companies with services including: 

This option is for startups who need sales leadership, but do not need a full-time sales leader. We can contract with your organization to meet your business development needs on a part-time basis. 

This service is effective for companies needing business development expertise from raising funds to pre-launch.

This solution is for organizations in need of sales support, but do not need a contract sales leader. Sales Consulting Services are based on identified objectives and access to guidance on an as needed basis.

Sales Process Engineering is for startups needing to design a new sales process. This involves utilizing the Sales Sigma methodology to develop and effective and efficient sales process.

Our methodology is based on proven quality and process improvement disciplines. We have developed tools specifically for selling.

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